Redesign and Usability optimization

Shopper's Choice a Smartcommerce carting tool.


As a UX-UI designer in Smartcommerce company, I was asked to redesign one of our products. Shopper's Choice is a code that allows a brand to increase its rate of sells, by sending products to a user shopping cart in one click.

This project was realized in collaboration with other freelance graphic designers. They presented some concepts to help us in the design process and I continued to develop the ideas and finish the product.

Exploration of the problem

schopper's choice old interface

Observation & Analysis

I first started by writing down all of my comments about the previous version of the product. From there I was able to formulate my first hypotheses concerning the problems that the tool could present to the end users.

I made a lot of tests with some Low-Fi wireframes that I built in Axure. At that time I didn't have access to any of our customers, or their end users so I ran the tests on my own team members.

The different rounds of prototype-feedback brought me a lot of valuable usability insights. My team members asked me a lot of questions about different scenarios that were not covered by my first designs and that I realized I had not even thought about.

Here are some of the questions I received as feedback from my team:

  • What if there are a lot of retailers and only one product?
  • What if there is one retailer and only one product?
  • What if there are a lot of retailers and a lot of products?
  • What if there are no retailers available?

Our solution

Designing & iterating

At this stage of the project I made a lot of other rounds of sketches and wireframes until we finally agreed with my team and my managers on the final model.


The new design allowed us to reach more customers as we were opening a new market in other countries and the clients were completely convinced by the new visual. The redesign also helped the way the end users were interacting which also increased the conversion rate of the product.

shopper's choice tool overview